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We offer the following services

Strategy & Orginisation

Our team can design new, integrate current systems into new systems and manage these sustainment systems for the client (Through Life).


Our team will plan, formulate and implement the major goals and objectives with your company’s top management team/owners.


Our planning team will ensure the active management of the supply chain activities in your company to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


Our team will integrate logistics management as part of the supply chain management function in your company.


Our team will ensure that a systematic, integrated approach is planned that will be used when buying goods and services required for your company to ensure sustainability.


Our team will create the ability or capacity within your company that will ensure it to maintain or sustain itself.



RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd can provide you with a cost effective and efficient solution to all your sustainment requirements

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd provides a leading edge in the through life sustainment solutionsproducts and services to satisfied clients in Africa.

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd has soundestablishedaccredited business relationships with a wide range of South African, African and International suppliers and service providers.

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd has a network of experience and expertise in sustainment solutionsproductsservices and systems (Through Life Sustainment). These partnerships ensure that RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd can offer custom sustainment solutionssystemsproducts and services that include designsystem integrationoperationalisingmanagementmanning and maintenance.

Competent and experienced industry partners are insourced by RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd on a project-to-project basis at an early stage during the planning process to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service and solution to fully satisfy all their sustainment requirements.

Our Vision 

“A through – life South African Sustainment Consulting Company supplying strategic sustainment solutions, products and services to an African client base”.




RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd has multi-skilled, experienced maintenance teams that specialise in the following:

  • Plumbingworks (Industrial / Commercial / Domestic) – Certified Plumbers 
  • Electricalworks (Industrial / Commercial / Domestic) – Certified Electricians
  • SpecialisedSolar Water / Heat Pump hot water
  • BuildingHot & Cold water systems
  • WaterPurification / Treatment plants
  • IrrigationSystems / Landscaping – Gardens (Industrial / Commercial / Domestic).
  • Building Works
  • Steel works
  • Paint works
  • Ceilings- Fixed / Suspended
  • Drywalling – Office / Domestic
  • Tile/ Concrete floor works
  • Paving works
  • Roofing/ Waterproofing
  • Shop-fronts/ Glass (Commercial/Domestic).
  • Gutters
  • Air Conditioning Systems and Equipment.
  • Maintenance of Refrigiration and related Electrical Equipment.


RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) can provide packages that are tailor-made to suit your facility and your budget.

The RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) maintenance teams can provide corrective maintenance for general building services on a scheduled basis, as well as preventative maintenance and a health and safety check of the building, standby power systems and major plant equipment.

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd has a Strategic Partnership with an International and SAQA accredited training institution who supplies the following learning / training opportunities:

  • Certified Plumbing (including solar).
  • Certified Electrical (including solar).
  • Certified Solar Geysers and Heat pumps.

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) has a Strategic Partnership with a firm of Architects (accredited Heritage Architects) who specialise in the following:

  • Design Research.
  • Architectures.
  • Architectural Design.
  • AutoCAD Architecture.
  • Adaptive Reuse.
  • Sustainability.
  • Interior Design.
  • Construction Management.
  • Sustainable Design.
  • Historic Preservation.
  • Project Planning.
  • Construction.

No project is too big or too small for RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) to manage.

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) prides itself on the delivery of Service Excellence.






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