RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a proudly owned South African company, established as an African entity which offers a Through Life Cycle Strategic Sustainment Consulting Service. 




Supply Chain Management (Military, Para-Military, Public and Private);

Strategic Logistic Management (Military, Para-Military, Public and Private); and

Procurement Management (Military, Para-Military, Public and Private).

Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience in Sustainment Management in Africa.

We have highly competent and experienced industry partners who are associates of our Sustainment Management Systems and the planning thereof.

Our team can design new, integrate current systems into new systems and manage these sustainment systems for the client (Through Life).

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd can provide you with a cost effective and efficient solution to all your sustainment requirements

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd provides a leading edge in the through life sustainment solutions, products and services to satisfied clients in Africa.

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd has sound, established, accredited business relationships with a wide range of South African, African and International suppliers and service providers.

RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd has a network of experience and expertise in sustainment solutions, productsservices and systems (Through Life Sustainment). These partnerships ensure that RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd can offer custom sustainment solutions, systems, products and services that include design, system integrationoperationalising, management, manning and maintenance.

Competent and experienced industry partners are insourced by RCM Strategic Sustainment Consulting (Pty) Ltd on a project-to-project basis at an early stage during the planning process to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service and solution to fully satisfy all their sustainment requirements.

Our Vision

“A through – life South African Sustainment Consulting Company supplying strategic sustainment solutions, products and services to an African client base”.